George Zimmerman’s Parents Barred From Courtroom, Trayvon Martin’s Family Allowed To Stay

George Zimmerman‘s parents have been banned from the courtroom of their son’s murder trial. The decision by Judge Debra Nelson was made because Zimmerman’s parents may be called as witnesses by the State of Florida.

By Florida law, the victim’s family must be allowed to remain in the courtroom if they so choose, which means that Trayvon Martin‘s parents will be able to attend the trial. The family of the defendant in a murder trial has no such protections.

In a statement released by Zimmerman’s family his attorney Don West “made it abundantly clear to the jury the limitations the rule of sequestration places upon Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman’s ability to support their son George with their presence. Our parents were in the courtroom and determined to support their son, but the State of Florida prevented them from doing so. George can count on his parents’ and his family’s unwavering and unconditional support, as he has throughout this ordeal, until he is acquitted.”

Robert Zimmerman, Sr. had mainly stayed out of the media spotlight until recently releasing an e-book titled “Florida v. Zimmerman: Uncovering the Malicious Prosecution of my Son, George,” which attempts to uncover the injustice of his son’s murder trial and labels organizations like the NAACP and the NBA America’s “true racists.”

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