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Geraldo and Ann Coulter Rematch on Illegal Immigration Devolves into Shoutfest

vlcsnap-2015-07-09-23h05m49s176-e1436497601182-300x197Conservative author Ann Coutler and Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera got in a rematch of their heated debate over illegal immigration on Hannity, which– surprise surprise– devolved into shouting.

“Only 25% of the entire California prison population is white,” Coulter noted. “Well, California is only about 6% black. So what are liberals saying?”

But Rivera noted that illegal immigrant-heavy cities like Los Angeles had seen a crime drop. “Compare that to cities like Baltimore and Detroit and Cleveland and the other postindustrial cities where there is a spike in terrible crime where you should be obsessing over violence, instead of singling out this population and ginning up this false fear.”

“Look, you’re talking about a correlation, not a causation. You’re not that stupid, Geraldo!” Coulter shot back. “…And you’ve got to stop talking about this as if we’re talking about Americans attacking Hispanics. No, we are talking about immigrants.”

“When you write a book that says “Adios America!”, you are ipso facto attacking Hispanics,” Rivera said.

“Well that’s the largest group of them,” she noted.

“Do you really believe the left is conspiring to make this a third-world hellhole?” he responded, in reference to Coulter’s book’s subtitle. “That it’s a conspiracy?”

“Yes, because they’re winning elections now,” she said. “Obama would not have won elections but for for the post-1970’s immigration, which of course is Hispanic.”

“I remember what they said about the Irish in the 19th Century: the same thing!” Rivera said over her.

“Yeah, and they were right!” Coulter shouted over him. “Not only were they right, we were allowed to criticize the Irish.”

Watch via Fox News:

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