Geraldo Compares Stormy Daniels to Al Capone’s Vault: ‘Lot of Hype, Delivered Nothing’

When you think of Geraldo Rivera, one of the first things that probably pops into your head is Al Capone’s vault, due to his disastrous television special that ended with Rivera revealing the vault was empty. Towards the end of an appearance on Fox News’ The Five today, the Fox News correspondent compared his moment of infamy to a recent big-time television event.

With the panel discussing his lengthy career, the vault special was brought up. Wrapping up the segment, Rivera explained that Capone “is an iconic reference.”

“Like Stormy Daniels was Al Capone’s vault in my mind,” he said. “A lot of hype, delivered nothing.”

Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview that aired last Sunday was heavily promoted and brought in a huge audience of 22 million viewers. During her conversation with Anderson Cooper, the adult film star dished on her brief sexual affair with President Donald Trump. She also claimed that she was once physically threatened in 2011 to stay quiet about the affair.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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