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Geraldo Defends Hannity After His Cameo in Impeachment Testimony: ‘I Feel Sorry for You,’ You’re Being ‘Viciously’ Attacked

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera strongly defended his network colleague Sean Hannity on the latter’s show, expressing sympathy for the criticism Hannity has drawn for his impeachment claims in defense of President Donald Trump: “I feel sorry for you…you’re being viciously attacked.”

Hannity spent considerable time on his Tuesday night show focusing on fending off what he at one point characterized as attacks from the “media mob,” an apparent reference to coverage of his name appearing in the impeachment testimony of former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. His guests, Rivera, and Dan Bongino, helpfully joined in his defense.

“I have to also add, Sean, when I said the difference between [President Richard] Nixon in ‘74 and Trump in ‘19 was you, I didn’t know that you would be targeted so viciously as you have been in the last 48 hours,” Rivera said. “I feel sorry for you. Stay strong and we have to lock arms and fight it off because they are coming.”

“Don’t feel sorry for me,” Hannity insisted, brushing off the pity while shaking his head.

“Hey, Geraldo, yeah, I talk to everybody,” Hannity then added. “Do you know why? That’s my job.”

“You are the best connected reporter on this story, absolutely,” Rivera then boldly claimed, absent any evidence.

In fact, Hannity has publicly acknowledged “I’m not a journalist” on multiple occasions.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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