Geraldo Defends Obama’s BuzzFeed Video to a Very Disapproving Fox & Friends

Fox & Friends was not happy to learn that President Barack Obama was filming a goofy BuzzFeed video, a promotion for the Affordable Care Act enrollment, on the same day he announced the death of U.S. hostage Kayla Mueller. This played like a retread of last summer’s “Obama golfed after speaking on James Foley” narrative that gave Fox News so much and asked so little in return.

But the morning troika had difficulty getting a rise out of Geraldo Rivera, a man curiously antiquated on social media lingo for someone so selfie-adept.

“The timing is horrible,” Geraldo acknowledged. “But I notice that he did get almost 6 million hits on the video. He’s appealing to a young crowd that doesn’t consume traditional media. …If he can really reach out and make more effective some of these government programs, whatever you think of them, then I don’t have a serious objection.”

“It just seems to be a chronic issue,” said Elisabeth Hasselbeck. “After something terrible, he’s golfing; after we hear about Kayla Mueller, he’s filming this.”

“You don’t want him to just be in the White House all sourpuss,” Rivera said.

“No,” countered Brian Kilmeade, “I want him to be a leader.” And that’s why you won’t be hearing the last of this for a while.

Watch the clip below;

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