Geraldo Fires Back at Gohmert: ‘He’s Scrawny and Envious’

Though Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade gave a stand-up defense of his colleague Geraldo Rivera from Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), Rivera wasn’t about to take any hits unreturned.

During a discussion Friday about Ebola on Fox & Friends, Gohmert threw in a gratuitous line about Rivera’s “nudie selfies.” Kilmeade stood up for Rivera, telling Gohmert, “Don’t take shots at Geraldo.”

Rivera wasn’t in the room to defend himself but there’s always Twitter. “Rep Louis Gohmert is exactly what’s wrong with Congress,” Rivera tweeted shortly after the segment. “He’s a whiny, name-calling ideologue with no original ideas and he’s scrawny and envious.”

Rivera did not elaborate on what he meant by “envious” but he was likely referring to his toned 71-year-old body.

Tweet below:

UPDATE — 11:35 a.m. ET: Gohmert has apologized to Rivera:

[Photo via Shutterstock/Fox News screen grab]

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