Geraldo Greeted By Occupy Wall Street Protestors Chanting ‘Fox News Lies’

Fox News weekend host Geraldo Rivera went to Zucotti Park this weekend toreport on the Occupy Wall Street protest movement that has been going on for a number weeks and host his eponymous show remotely. During a segment dedicated to the populist protest movement and in the following segment, and while interviewing Cornell West and Tavis Smiley, the surrounding protestors began chanting “Fox News Lies.”

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Amid the anti-Fox News chants, Rivera asked his guest where do they think the protest can sustain itself from a short-term protest to a larger movement. His guests correctly pointed out that, as a movement, there has already been great success of those involved in Occupy Wall Street evidenced by the attention it has gained from mainstream media outlets as disparate as the New York Times and Fox News itself, though the coverage itself has ranged rather dramatically in style and tone.

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To Geraldo’s credit, his coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protest was a far cry from the smug and condescending tone found in others. Watch the report below, courtesy of Fox News, followed by a YouTube video of Rivera’s reception by protestors as he left Zuccotti Park.

Russian Television posted the following video of loud chants of “Fox News lies!”

(H/T TheBlaze)

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