Geraldo Reflects On 40 Years In Journalism: “If Only a Hurricane Had Come on 9/11”

This morning, the Fox & Friends gang invited journalism veteran Geraldo Rivera to talk about his impressive 40th anniversary in journalism and famous love of hurricane coverage. What they didn’t expect was Rivera presenting the weirdest counter-terrorism proposal ever made: Hurricanes.

Gretchen Carlson was having a fun time playfully ribbing Rivera for the viral video hit of him taking a hard tumble when covering Hurricane Ike in 2008 — a clip Rivera admits he likes, too. He had just finished explaining his passion for hurricane coverage, and that’s when the conversation took a detour to the surreal with a random segue to which Fox & Friends guest host Mike Jerrick didn’t quite know how to respond:

Geraldo Rivera: One funny thing I think of… I think of: if only a hurricane had come on 9/11. They didn’t know how to use the instruments, the terrorists. They took off in Boston and literally, after they took over the aircraft they steered by line of sight. It was that crystal clear September day, and if it were only one of these weather days, history would have been rewritten. And I think about that a lot now, especially this time of year: the peak of hurricane season.

Mike Jerrick: …so, you’re celebrating 40 years?

Good effort, Mike Jerrick.

Click below to watch the clip from Fox & Friends:

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