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Geraldo: Israel ‘Has Only Itself to Blame’ for Losing U.S. Support

#oneluckyguy (ugh) Geraldo Rivera said on Outnumbered Monday that Israel’s imprecise attacks on Gaza had brought a decline in its international support, including from the U.S., which called an attack on a UN Relief and Works Agency school that killed ten Palestinians Sunday “disgraceful.”

“I think Israel has only itself to blame,” Rivera said. “I think the force used has been so grossly disproportionate, they have inflicted civilian casualties in a way that the United States and the U.N. Secretary General are correct to call appalling.”

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“I’ve covered war for over forty years,” Rivera continued. “If you want to use a hellfire missile directed by a drone, you can put it in the window of a building you want to. When you’re using a tank shell — in this case, the firing that they were receiving was 200 yards, two football fields away from where the tank shells landed. Taking these ten lives, this is a travesty. It is hurting Israel on the world stage, and it is undermining support of the Jewish state.

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

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