Geraldo: Leakers Jamming ‘A Stick In The Eye’ Of Obama To Show How ‘Impotent’ His Admin Has Become

On Friday morning, Fox News Channel host Geraldo Rivera weighed in on the twin revelations that the National Security Agency has been monitoring of all Americans’ digital and telephonic communications. He said that these programs were leaked to the press as a direct response to Department of Justice’s heavy-handed investigation of journalists and their sources. Rivera said that the leakers were essentially “throwing down the gauntlet” to the White House and inviting a response.

“Isn’t it interesting that we get these massive leaks — within the last 24-hours, we have gotten leaks on the existence of two super-secret programs,” Rivera observed. “How did we discover them? We discovered them by leaks. And these leaks come exactly as the Obama administration has been exposed as overaggressive in trying to do what? To stop leaks.”

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“This is a stick in the eye to the Obama administration,” Rivera continued, “by someone within the administration who says, ‘Look, you’ve been so ham-handed with the Associated Press…”

“I dare you,” Brian Kilmeade interjected .

“Just to show you how impotent you are, here are two even more massive leaks of programs that you’re doing with your surveillance,” Rivera added. “This is almost like throwing down the gauntlet to the administration.”

Watch the clip below via Fox News Channel:

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