Geraldo: Obama ‘Using the Graveyard’ of James Foley ‘as a Driving Range’

Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera on Friday said the optics of President Barack Obama‘s continuing vacation in Martha’s Vineyard are the result of “some very, very bad advice.”

An online video surfaced Tuesday showing American journalist James Foley beheaded by Islamic terrorist group ISIS. Obama, speaking from Martha’s Vineyard, delivered a statement on the matter before heading to a golf course.

“I think the president has had some very, very bad advice during this vacation,” Rivera said. “Playing 8 rounds of golf in 11 days when something this awful– I like to party, but if it’s not an Irish wake, i’m not dancing on the graveyard and I’m not using the graveyard as a driving range.”

Rivera said Obama’s words during the Martha’s Vineyard statement, however, “were very powerful” and “pointed.”

“No just God would stand for what they did yesterday and what they do every single day,” Obama had said in the statement.


[Image via Fox News/screen grab]

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