Geraldo: Obamacare a ‘Disaster,’ Obama ‘Stuck-Up’ and ‘Snobby’

On his radio show Tuesday morning, Geraldo Rivera went after the president and “Typhoon Obamacare” for reports that hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost their insurance coverage despite the administration’s promises to the contrary.

“I take absolutely no pleasure in reporting this because I’m rooting for this president to succeed even though he’s stuck-up and snobby and everything else,” Rivera said. “I want him to succeed because when he succeeds we all succeed.”

However, he said, “today we’re getting word that contrary to what the president told us repeatedly, at least 2 million policy holders will not be able to hold on to their current policies because those policies are inadequate under the requirements of the new law. Which means those 2 million policy holders are now required to go out and get new and usually much more expensive insurance.”

“So you have 2 million canceled policies which is about three times the number of people who signed up for Obamacare,” he concluded. “I think ‘disaster’ is a good way to characterize it.”

Listen below:

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