Geraldo on Kavanaugh Hearing: ‘What We Just Witnessed Was an Attempted Coup’ by Democrats


After the conclusion of the explosive Kavanaugh hearing on Capitol Hill on Thursday, Geraldo Rivera sat down with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum to talk about what he called an “attempted coup” by the minority Democrats.

He started off by saying he wanted to respond to Sen. Dianne Feinstein‘s claim during the hearing that it wasn’t her that leaked the letter.

“I have deep suspicions that what we just witnessed was an attempted coup by the minority Democrats who played their hand as best they could to delay this process. They had that letter;  They held that letter. My deep suspicion that Sen. Feinstein was in consultation with the minority leader Chuck Schumer of New York,” Rivera opined.

He then suggested Roe v. Wade may have been a prime consideration.

“They thought this was the only possible longshot way they had of derailing this nomination. Derailing what will be the fifth vote that could undermine Roe V. Wade,” he continued on. “They had a bad hand to play but they played it brilliantly and they held the letter until the investigation was over. Then they dropped it, hoping to extend the process.”

The goal, he suggested was to “get it past the mid-terms, hope they get a couple of senators, win a couple of seats in November, but they get seated in January.”

In that way, Rivera theorized the Democratic leaders could “foreclose President Trump from altering the composition of the court and affecting Roe V. Wade. They failed. But it was a brilliant attempt at a coup.”

Watch above,  via Fox News

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