Geraldo: Media Has ‘Wretched Double Standard,’ Covers Trayvon But Not Black-On-White Assault

Geraldo Rivera joined Laura Ingraham on The O’Reilly Factor to tackle a recently discovered video of three black teenagers beating up a white teen on a bus. Rivera and Ingraham agreed the fact this incident occurred weeks ago and the media didn’t pick it up at the time was a damning contrast with how much the press played up the Trayvon Martin case. Rivera acknowledged the media has a “wretched double standard” when it comes to race and crime in the United States.

Rivera told Ingraham he read a lot on the bus incident but had no idea the assailants were black until he watched the video. He said if it were the other way around, “it would be the crime of the century” and Al Sharpton would be screaming about it.

Rivera owned up to the media’s extraordinary bias in how it ignored a story about black-on-white violence, as well as the fact that unlike with George Zimmerman, there is no hint of a question this time whether the violence was racially motivated. Rivera concluded, “We should have reported who they were, and we did not. I think we failed.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:


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