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Geraldo: People Attacking Brian Williams ‘From the Safety of Their Mother’s Basement Should Shut Up’

During an appearance on Fox and Friends, Geraldo Rivera declared himself a member of Team Brian Williams, defending the anchor from the media “pile-on” after he admitted to falsely recounting a dramatic story from the Iraq War.

Rivera, who also reported from the Iraq War, first wondered why Williams’ producers never thought to correct him after 12 years of retelling the story, before leaping to BriWi’s defense. “What I don’t want is people to pile on and destroy a man’s entire career for this one incident,” he said, referring back to “a line in the sand that I barely survived and had to apologize for a million times.”

“Why is it that the loudest voices condemning Brian Williams never served in combat, were never combat reporters?” he continued. “I think that all these people with Twitter accounts who are attacking this person from the safety of their mother’s basement should shut up and let the soldiers and the GIs deal with this. Brian Williams, whatever happened, they’ll sort it out. People don’t want to watch him, they can change the channel.”

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