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Geraldo Reports Mosque Backers Would Be Willing To Move For ‘Suitable Offer’

Geraldo Rivera was with Bill O’Reilly last night to discuss some breaking news (!) that he had about the “Ground Zero Mosque.”

He reiterated these points this morning on Fox & Friends. Basically, they boil down to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf willing to potentially move the location.

Last night he said:

Fox News has learned, if someone offered them a suitable, and by that they mean better commercial than the Burlington Coat Factory, in the immediate vicinity, they would take it.

This morning he got specific – for those who know the Manhattan grid, Geraldo said the Imam would go as north as Houston Street and would be willing to go east of Broadway. That “still puts it downtown, still makes it hip, contemporary.” One snag in the plan was that the developer called last night and said “he can’t negotiate on television.” Apparently Geraldo was hoping to settle this whole thing on his weekend Fox News show.

Also, Geraldo polled some of his Muslim friends and “Muslims are divided” on the issue. But they also largely supported the current plan.

Here’s the segment from last night:

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