Geraldo Rips ‘Affluenza’ Judge: If Wealth Absolves You of Guilt, ‘Why Not Poverty?’

Fox News Channel host Geraldo Rivera ripped into the Texas judge who decided that “affluenza,” the condition of being rich and not used to suffering consequences for your actions, was a sufficient excuse to sentence a 16-year-old murderer of four to probation and rehabilitation. Rivera said that the judge’s logic was flawed. If being wealthy can absolve a criminal of guilt, he asked, “why not poverty?”

“This is preposterous,” Rivera insisted. “If wealth can insulate you from responsibility for a crime, why not poverty?”

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“Income doesn’t matter when it comes to your crime,” he continued. “Poor people don’t get a pass when they commit a robbery because they need money.”

“This young man should have gone to jail for vehicular manslaughter,” Rivera insisted. “There are four dead people. It would have been from two to 20 years.”

Watch the clip below via Fox News Channel:

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