Geraldo Rivera Jokes That Greg Gutfeld is a ‘Pervert on the Playground,’ Mimics Terrified Child: ‘Mom! Mom!’

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The Five‘s Memorial Day special went to some weird places.

For the entire hour, the co-hosts of The Five answered various questions from their viewers that were sent on social media. One question that was made on Instagram was “What do you look most forward to after every show be it food, drink, or activity?”

“Oh God, don’t answer it honestly!” Kimberly Guilfoyle shouted.

Pete Hegseth, filling in for Jesse Watters, answered “of course” with a drink. Geraldo Rivera agreed, calling that first drink a “sigh.”

Meanwhile, Greg Gutfeld said that he likes to “unwind.”

“I just have a big giant roll of tape and I just sit there and just unwind it for about an hour,” Gutfeld told his co-hosts. “I find it- it’s incredible stress relief. And then of course I do my charity work. Children to me matter more than anything on the planet.”

‘Fake News!” Guilfoyle reacted.

“So I would spend the rest of the afternoon just helping out kids,” Gutfeld continued.

“You mean ‘frightening them,'” Guilfoyle shot back.

Then Rivera chimed in for a roast of his own.

“Random kids think he is a pervert on the playground,” Rivera chuckled.

He then went on to impersonate Gutfeld at the playground… as well as one of the children.

“I’m just here to help, Johnny,’ Rivera continued. “‘Mom! Mom!'”

Gutfeld laughed and then looked at the camera with a tinge of embarrassment.

Guilfoyle then shifted the conversation away from the pervert talk and answered the question herself.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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