Geraldo Rivera: Liberals Are ‘Flailing Around’ Trying to Combat Trump and His ‘Flamboyant Nature’

Geraldo Rivera said on Fox & Friends this morning that President Donald Trump may have a winning strategy in his continued attacks on the liberal “mob.”

Trump railed against the “mob” again in Ohio last night, and Rivera said the American people “don’t want their own space invaded.”

“You can have your politics, you believe whatever you believe, just don’t mess with me, don’t mess up traffic, don’t confront me in restaurants, don’t follow me, don’t hound me,” he added.

Rivera said Democrats are so frustrated at being out of power that they’re “grasping for a tactic to take on the president with his flamboyant nature, his charisma, and his larger than life, sometimes in-your-face kind of tactics, so they’re flailing around.”

Trish Regan said, “It shows you they are getting kind of desperate.”

“I think what they are is frustrated,” Rivera said. “They can’t stand the president, they can’t stand his flamboyant connection with the American people. They don’t know quite how to deal with it so what happens? They resort sometimes to trying to tear open the door of the Supreme Court or get in Ted Cruz and Mrs. Cruz’s face at the Washington restaurant. I think it’s frustration. They’re grasping for a tactic they haven’t figured out yet.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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