Geraldo Rivera Says CNN is ‘At War’ With Trump in Interview With Dan Abrams: They’re ‘Ripping His Throat Out’

During an interview with Mediaite founder Dan Abrams Thursday, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera slammed CNN for heaping criticism on President Donald Trump, frustrated with the network’s coverage of the commander in chief.

“You cannot watch that program for more than 90 seconds and not have somebody ripping his throat out,” Rivera said on Abrams’ Sirius XM podcast. “He gets the worst press of any president ever and anything he does is construed in the most evil way possible.”

However, Abrams pushed back on Rivera’s portrayal of the fourth estate, suggesting that Trump gives reporters ample opportunities to call out his falsehoods and “the media gets very protective of the truth.”

While Rivera contended that he isn’t an opponent of CNN, that didn’t stop him from rebuking the outlet, arguing that Trump’s outrage toward the media wasn’t without cause.

Also tossing The New York Times and The Washington Post into the mix, Rivera claimed they “are at war with the president.”

Still, Abrams suggested Trump wasn’t blameless for his bad rap, noting, “It’s about the guy. It does seem that this is almost a personal response to the things he says and how he says them.”

Listen to clip above via The Dan Abrams Show.

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