Geraldo Rivera Slaughters ‘Traitor’ Bannon: ‘This Scum, How Dare He!’


In comments published today as part of excerpts from an explosive new book on President Donald Trump‘s White House, Steve Bannon has gone scorched-earth on the entire administration. One Fox News pundit thinks the former White House chief strategist owed the president more.

Appearing on The Five Wednesday, Geraldo Rivera had some harsh words for the Breitbart chairman over his lack of loyalty to the Commander-in-Chief.

“Et tu, Brute?” Rivera said. “You talk about treason? Who is the traitor here? Steve Bannon is the traitor. This scum. How dare he! How dare he!”

Rivera centered on the comments Bannon made ripping Donald Trump Jr. for the infamous meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower. Geraldo believes Bannon, with those remarks, essentially threw the president under the bus:

“To me, the worst thing Steve Bannon did in this whole episode is to suggest very strongly that Donald Trump Jr. is sitting in that Trump Tower a couple blocks from here — surrounded by these commies. And then after the meeting, Steve Bannon says ‘There is zero possibility he didn’t take the Russians upstairs to see his father.’

“The Washington Post, The New York Times, every investigative reporter in this nation has been striving to connect Donald Trump with that meeting with the Russians, and has failed to do so. So now here’s Steve Bannon suggesting; you can take it to the bank. Zero possibility it did not happen. And this is the guy who was his best friend?”

Even prior to today, Rivera has not exactly shown himself to be Bannon’s biggest fan. In August, Rivera slammed Bannon for, in his view, being the source of “the worst excesses of the nationalistic kinds of policies that he has been infamous for promulgating.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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