Geraldo Rivera to The Atlantic‘s David Frum: ‘F*ck Russia and F*ck You’

Geraldo Rivera Tweets Odd Threat on Trump Impeachment: 'You'll Have to Come Through Me'

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera fired off an expletive-filled tweet at The Atlantic‘s David Frum on Sunday after the neoconservative writer appeared on CNN to call out Fox News’ “Russia infatuation.”

“Fuck Russia and fuck you,” Rivera wrote after Frum shared a clip of his appearance on CNN media critic Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources. “I don’t have any infatuation. You’re the smitten one, obsessed with Fox.”

Frum’s criticism of Rivera’s network was primarily focused on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s pro-Russia comments last week, in which he said, “I think we should probably take the side of Russia, if we have to choose between Russia and Ukraine.”

“Could any of these people actually tell you why Vladimir Putin is so bad?” added Carlson. “Why is he so bad? … What makes Vladimir Putin worse than, I don’t know, a whole long list of American allies?”

Carlson appeared to be doubling down on remarks he made in late November about “rooting for Russia;” although, he claimed he was “joking” at the time just minutes after insisting he was “serious.”

Frum called out Carlson by accusing him of championing “Russian nationalism on his show, he’s not talking about the actual Russia, the murders, the assassinations, the stealing on a scale so obscene that it dazzles Donald Trump… he is expressing a commitment to an ideological cause that so excites his viewers.”

The Atlantic writer fired back at Rivera, mocking the Fox News contributor for getting “so upset” and adding “The sun’s over the yardarm somewhere.”

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