Geraldo Rivera Trashes Assange: ‘Anti-American Slimeball Whose Every Action Was Designed to Hurt the United States’


Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera tore into Julian Assange this morning following the arrest of the Wikileaks founder.

Brian Kilmeade asked, “Is he a hero or a villain?”

Rivera went off in response:

“He is an anti-American slimeball whose every action was designed to hurt the United States of America. He did it with Chelsea Manning in 2010, 2011, when he released those videos of civilian casualties from American airstrikes. Tried to undermine our efforts in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Julian Assange then chose the Trump side in the 2016 election. But he did that more to be disruptive, because he thought Hillary Clinton was going to win, tried to undermine her, tried to undermine the whole fabric of our democracy. I have nothing but contempt for Julian Assange and I hope that justice finally comes calling.”

They asked the audience if anyone considers Assange a hero. No one raised their hands.

Kilmeade did note how President Donald Trump said he liked Wikileaks. “That’s the diabolical cleverness of an Assange,” Geraldo responded.

He said, “You do people favors, you get them on your side momentarily. But he could have easily done it with the Republicans too. He could have used the same kinds of material that he had on John Podesta against the Republicans, but they had better electronic defenses against hacking than the Democrats.”

“You cannot play ball with someone like Julian Assange,” Rivera concluded, “because he is going to destroy your democracy, he’s going to play with you today, hurt you tomorrow, and use you like a yo-yo.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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