Geraldo Rivera, Trump Aide Blast ‘Demented’ Sam Bee: She’s the Leftist Roseanne

Trump Deputy Campaign Manager David Bossie and Geraldo Rivera were on the Fox & Friends curvy couch today for a collective slam-fest against Samantha Bee over her distasteful comments about Ivanka Trump.

The TBS host came under a lot of fire yesterday after referring to the First Daughter as a “feckless c*nt” on her show. The obscenity came out during a tirade against President Trump‘s immigration policy, but Bee eventually apologized in light of the considerable outrage.

Bee’s remarks drew the ire of Trump himself today, and his former deputy campaign manager also called it a “sick and demented” display of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Geraldo joined the pile-on by calling it a “premeditated, egregious attack” on Ivanka, which prompted his colleague to tell him of course it was since the show is scripted and taped before airing.

“That attack was so vile, it was so destructive, it was not only calling her the ‘C’ word, which in my word is the gender equivalent of the ‘N-word,’ it is the bomb,” Rivera said. “I think it is absolutely intolerable…This is Roseanne in leftist, liberal clothing. I think that the response is, should be very serious.”

Roseanne Barr, of course, lost her revived ABC sitcom earlier this week over her racist statement about Valerie Jarrett. Bossie seized on Barr’s invocation by raving about the media “double standard” in the whole commotion.

The controversial remarks from Bee and Barr have sparked a new conversation about what is acceptable and what is offensive enough to warrant a TV personality’s firing. Bee’s critics are slamming her for sexism and complaining about the double standard for liberals — though Bee’s defenders say that her comment, as insulting and provocative as it was, cannot be equated to the re-affirmation of Barr’s racist, unhinged views.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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