Geraldo Smacks Down Fox & Friends on Climate Change: ‘Do You Want Your Kid to Live in A Gas Mask?!’


Geraldo Rivera sparred with the Fox and Friends anchors on Friday over President Donald Trump‘s decision to pull out of the Paris Accords.

“What is this deal for?,” Rivera asked. Pete Hegseth replied, “American sovereignty.”

The veteran journalist followed up by asking, “At what cost?” Hegseth replied, “Our country.”

Rivera shot back, “Do you want your kid to live in a gas mask?!” The conservative guest host kept up his line of argument.

“I don’t want an international bureaucrat in Brussels telling me what regulations I have to have in Pennsylvania,” Hegseth said.

Rivera retorted, “I don’t want to have to swim when I go to the deli. I want the world to be as — at least as clean as it is now for my children — at least as maintainable, sustainable.”

The correspondent ended his thought by likening Mr. Trump’s withdrawal from the climate change agreement to the U.S. not entering the League of Nations in the 1920s.

Earlier in the segment, the Fox News journalist reacted to Ainsley Earhart‘s interview of Vice President Mike Pence.

“I like him very much. I don’t agree with many of his ideas, obviously,” Rivera said. “He’s a hardcore, traditional conservative. But he’s got the President’s back, and I appreciate that. He’s a traditional politician, in the sense he knows how government works. And that’s all good.”

The TV personality continued with his first condemnation of the President’s decision: “In terms of climate change, particularly…I am absolutely appalled by this decision. I think it’s unnecessary — a self-inflicted wound on the President — because I love the President. I like the Vice President. I love the President. I want him to succeed. And I think that this is terrible”

You can watch the relevant portion of the Geraldo Rivera segment above, via Fox News.

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