Geraldo to Fox & Friends: Don’t Mix Up War on Terror with Immigration Debate

Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera poured cold water on a Fox & Friends claim Friday morning (it is Friday, right?), arguing that there was next to no danger of ISIS extremists crossing the southern border into the United States, and that we needed to be careful not to mix the debate over terrorism with the debate over illegal immigration.

“There has never been a verified penetration of the southern border by an Islamic extremist terrorist,” Rivera said. “There have been penetrations from Canada into Vancouver and elsewhere and there have been successful terrorist attacks launched from Canada. But we have no great clamor to put a wall up with the Great White North. …I don’t want our fight against terror to be mixed up with the whole debate on immigration.”

The F&F troika was skeptical, and cited a report from the right wing Judicial Watch alleging ISIS was camped just across the border.

“If there was a Muslim extremist there and the Mexicans knew about it, I would not want to be that Muslim extremist,” Rivera said. “They are fierce in their own way. They have no common cause. They’re deeply Catholic, the people in Mexico. I don’t see that as the big threat. I see the big threat as people coming in with legal visas, like the 9/11 terrorists. How’d they get here? With legal visas that they overstayed. That’s the danger. I think that Canada is a very porous border and they can fit in much more there with the Muslim population in Canada.”

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

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