Geraldo To Michele Bachmann: How Did Two Attractive Women Take Over GOP?


Self-styled Sarah Palin wannabe Congresswoman Michele Bachmann managed to tap dance around a number of very smart questions from Geraldo Rivera during an appearance on his show the other night. When asked by Geraldo whether her use of the term ‘gangster government’ was ‘really appropriate?’ Bachmann, in lieu of an answer, launched into a long, long description of the struggles inflicted on car dealers as a result of Obama’s auto bailout. And later told Geraldo, when (lightly) pressed again, that she was not worried either way whether the ‘gangster’ term had dimmed or raised her political star. It should be noted that Bachmann managed to entirely avoid using the word ‘gangster’ in all of her ‘explanations.’

This verbal tap dancing was apparently enough to put Geraldo off, because he quickly launched into the question on everyone’s mind: How did Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann become the de facto heads of the GOP?

No one would have guessed several years ago that the two, perhaps, strongest voices in the Republican party, certainly in the right-wing of the Republican party would be two attractive women…dare I say it, I don’t want to sound like a chauvinist. What’s the chemistry, why do you two get along so?

Answer? According to Bachmann, Palin is more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. That’s it. Which to my mind is a total failed opportunity on Bachmann’s part to employ some sort of a ‘lipstick on a pig’ reference of her own — but as anyone who has seen her speak knows, Bachmann is no Palin. Also, no word on whether the two will ever appear together on a ticket, mostly because, once again, Geraldo failed to follow up on a good question. Which is a shame, because actually these are all great questions that deserve answers. How did Palin and Bachmann become the two strongest voices on the right? Regardless how you feel about their politics it’s a pretty amazing development. Video below.

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