Geraldo Wonders If CNN’s Brian Stelter Is ‘a Fox Basher’ or ‘Just a Dope’

It may not be his intention but CNN’s media reporter Brian Stelter is really starting to piss off some of his media peers. Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera is the latest.

On Reliable Sources Sunday, Stelter suggested some in the news media may be “provoking panic” in the public over the Islamic terrorist network ISIS. Pointing to Rivera’s tweet from earlier in the week calling for the U.S. to “behead the ISIS butchers” and also Fox News anchor Heather Childers who worried on Twitter that ISIS may start beheading people in the U.S., Stelter said he had to “wonder if some of these anchors, some of these commentators are letting their fears get the best of them, or their ideological agendas.”

Rivera hopped back on Twitter to respond. “Is CNN’s Brian Stelter a Fox basher,” Rivera wrote on Sunday, “or, if he really believes that I literally want the heads of ISIS to be decapitated, just a dope?”

Stelter replied, that he is neither a “basher” or “dope” but that he’s “just urging caution and skepticism re: ISIS coverage.”

In late August, Stelter also angered MSNBC’s Ed Schultz, who demanded Stelter “come face to face” with him.

[Image via Fox News, CNN/screen grab]

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