Gergen: ‘If Gov. Fought WWII Like Oil Spill We’d Be Speaking German’

The President Obama/BP Oil Spill pile-on continues. It’s starting to feel like the new media sporting event. Over at CNN last night James Carville continued his tirade calling for “heads to roll” and the normally low key David Gergen noted that “if our government had fought WWII like the way we’re fighting the oil spill, there’s a good chance many of us would be speaking German today.” Them’s fighting words!

All this criticism seems to be having some effect. Obama has announced that he will be giving a proper press conference tomorrow – his first in months — to discuss new drilling regulations. Not only that the White House has announced that he will be traveling to the Gulf on Friday, so perhaps the next question will be too little, too late, or enough just in time. Video below.

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