‘Get a Grip’: Fox’s Outnumbered Swipes at CNN’s Acosta for Complaints About Off-Camera Gaggle

The hosts of Fox News’ Outnumbered today discussed whether on-camera White House press briefings are still necessary, and they even got in some shots at CNN’s Jim Acosta for his complaints about yesterday’s off-camera, no-audio gaggle.

Acosta yesterday appeared on CNN multiple times after the gaggle to tear into the White House for “stonewalling” questions and even going so far as to say that Sean Spicer is “kind of useless” now.

After showing video of Acosta going off yesterday, the Outnumbered hosts joked around a bit and one of them said that looked like a “tantrum.”

Kennedy weighed in by saying this:

“Jim Acosta needs to eat a ham sandwich because it looks like his sugar was a little bit low. You know, people like that need to get a grip on themselves. And unfortunately, we’ve lost all sense of reality and rationalism. Yes, we do need to hold the White House accountable regardless of who the occupant is, but also, the press needs to be at least somewhat objective.”

Melissa Francis said that the motivations of some in the press for wanting these briefings are less about getting answers for the American people and more about getting “fodder” and good content of them getting combative with Spicer.

Watch above, via Fox News.

[image via screengrab]

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