‘Get A Room!’ The Five Mocks Media’s Praise of Brian Karem After His Spat With Huckabee Sanders


On Wednesday night, The Five took shots at the left for depicting Playboy writer Brian Karem as a “liberal hero” after he confronted Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders over her criticisms of CNN.

Greg Gutfeld said everyone in the media “falls in love” whenever someone takes a stand against the Trump administration.

He mocked MSNBC’s Chris Matthews for “drooling” during his interview with Karem.

“Get a room!” Gutfeld exclaimed.

He went on to call the media a “dog under new owners” with the previous owner President Obama feeding them from the table but things are different since “the people they’ve mocked for years” are “now in charge.”

Gutfeld then mocked headlines from Vox, AOL, and Newsweek that called Karem “heroic.”

“The media loves it when the media speaks truth to power, but they never did this under Obama,” he added.

Kimberly Guifoyle compared the current White House press briefing room to a zoo and “everybody’s throwing things at each other.”

“People say they read Playboy for the articles,” Jesse Watters chimed in. “This is the guy that’s writing the articles!”

He said that he wouldn’t call Karem “brave,” adding “It’s not like he stormed the beaches of Normandy.”

Dana Perino mentioned that a reporter had tweeted that they should “expect fireworks” at that briefing, pointing out that the White House “wants this fight” because they think it helps them.

“And it does help them!” she elaborated. “Here we are talking about it every night about the fight they had with the media and they have legitimate reasons to have fights with them, especially with the CNN story.”

Juan Williams claims they continue to do this to “undermine” the Russia reporting and to “distract” from the failure of the health care legislation.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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