Get Ready NYC (Technically, New Jersey)! Super Bowl 2014 Is Coming Your Way

New York, well technically Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey, has been awarded the 2014 Super Bowl. This is big news to many because it is the first time ever a Super Bowl has been awarded to a cold weather city, and the idea that the Super Bowl might be played in snow appears to have freaked a lot of people out including Rick Sanchez.

In the United States Super Bowl week is like a giant festival…one of the most important festivals we have in the United States…do you really want to do that when it’s 20 below?

According, to the NYT the NFL owners weren’t worried.

Those considerations outweighed concerns by some owners opposed to a cold-weather game that snow could wreak havoc on a week’s worth of parties and planning and that the outcome of the championship game could be affected by foul weather. In bid materials obtained by The New York Times, the organizers promised everything from hand-warmers to fire pits in the parking lots to keep fans comfortable and snowplows to clear the streets.

Sanchez video below. And starting tomorrow you can follow all the developments at SportsGrid.

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