‘Get the F*ck Out of Here!’ Riot Police Threaten to Shoot Reporter in Ferguson

As the situation in Ferguson, Mo., took a turn for the tense once again on Sunday evening, live-streamed footage of the standoff with protestors has shown police officers threatening the media on occasion.

KARG Argus Radio has been broadcasting live from Ferguson for several days, largely using student volunteers. During Sunday night’s clashes, riot police can be heard/seen threatening one of those volunteers, Mustafa Hussein:

“Get the fuck out of here!” an officer shouted at Hussein, who had pointed his camera lights onto the riot squad. “Get the fuck out of here, or I’ll shoot you with this!” he seemingly said.

The reporter turned his light off but remained in the area. He demanded the name of the threatening officer, but was not given it.

Watch below (NSFW: Language):

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