‘Get the F*ck Outta Here!’ Ed Schultz Lashes Out at ‘Asshole’ Radio Caller

On his syndicated radio show, Ed Schultz absolutely tore into a caller, telling him to “get the fuck out of here” before fretting over whether the radio producers had managed to hit the delay censor button. And somehow audio of the incident flew under-the-radar for a whole week.

Laura Ingraham played the tape on her show Monday afternoon, revealing Schultz’s uncensored rant against a caller from last Tuesday afternoon’s show.

The caller had been irate, shouting at Schultz about “fascism” when the host interrupted to mock that he hopes the unidentified man does not have a stroke on-the-air. As the conversation descends, Schultz eventually ends the discussion altogether: “Is that what you want to reduce this conversation to? Well you’re a frickin’ asshole. Get the fuck out of here.”

“I’m sure they hit the seven-second delay on that one,” he said. “I just lost it on that guy.”

He later pressed his producers for clarity on whether they “caught” that big ol’ F-bomb. No, they did not.

Listen below:

[h/t Laura Ingraham]

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