comScore Inflatable Trump Prisoner Chicken Sets Sail Near Alcatraz

Giant Inflatable Trump Chicken Dressed in Prison Stripes Sets Sail Near Alcatraz

A giant inflatable President Donald Trump chicken dressed in prison stripes set sail in San Francisco on Sunday where according to organizers it was aimed at circling Alcatraz, which they referred to as the “Big Coop.” The sign on the ‘prison transport’ read: “Release Your Tax Returns. The Republic Demands It.”

The felonious fowl had the trademark Trump hairstyle in gold and wore a prison uniform with number 45 for its sail that was made possible by a GoFundMe page.

The organizers also encouraged people to speak their mind to Chicken Trump.

“We at Trump Chicken are civic-minded,” the group wrote on the GoFundMe page. “We want to give you a chance to speak your piece to the Chicken President when we sail our 33-foot bird in his Prisoner45 shirt slowly down the Embarcadero and further south this Sunday in a prison transport boat.”

They continued on: “As he sails past, you can say anything you want to President Chicken. You can mock and squawk and swear like you’ve never sworn before in a proud expression of your First Amendment right. Bring your friends.  Make some signs and banners. Wear costumes. Dance. Everyone remember we’re still free.”

The group has brought out the inflatable poultry president before, including at a recent tax march.

Watch above, via ABC7 News Bay Area.

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