Gilbert Gottfried Jokes About Pounding the ‘Hot Pieces of Ass’ on HLN Panel

If you invite a comedian like Gilbert Gottfried onto your cable news show, you need to understand what you’ve gotten yourself into. Dr. Drew had Gottfried on his panel Tuesday night and made the mistake of bringing up Gottfried’s past Twitter comments about the women he always has on his show. This was brought up, by the way, on a panel segment where Gottfried was the only male. And Dr. Drew must have immediately regretted bringing it up once Gottfried got going.

He said, “You surround yourself with these hot pieces of ass, and it’s like––it’s kind of like you have a story, someone was killed in their home, and now we’re gonna talk to a bunch of girls that you’d pound like there’s no tomorrow.”

The women on the panel were just utterly speechless and couldn’t really respond to Gottfried’s wisecracks. Dr. Drew attempted to defend the women by citing their breadth of professionalism and experience, but Gottfried just kept going and joked, “Dr. Drew is better than the Playboy Network.”

Watch the video below, via HLN:

[image via screengrab]

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