Gingrich: Rove ‘Ran Headlong into a Brick Wall’ with Hillary Comments

You can count Newt Gingrich in as one Republican who does not think it was a good idea for Karl Rove to suggest Hillary Clinton might have brain damage. During a discussion on CNN’s The Lead Tuesday afternoon, Gingrich said Rove “ran headlong into a brick wall” with his comments.

Gingrich predicted Clinton would counter the unfounded claims the same way Ronald Reagan did, by going out on the campaign trail and acting competently. “I think it is the worst kind of Republican consultant behavior to get into this kind of personal, you know, negative attack,” he said of Rove.

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He went on to say that there are plenty of “policy issues” surrounding Clinton that deserve debate, but “we don’t need to get into this kind of stuff.” Gingrich added, “I would urge every Republican, don’t touch it, don’t get near it.”

Of course, Gingrich has not hid his disdain for Karl Rove in the past, telling Stephen Colbert in 2012 that he prefers his inanimate “Ham Rove” to the real thing.

Watch video below, via CNN:

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