Gingrich Tears Into Flake Over Anti-Trump Speech: ‘Could Probably Get a Job at CNN’

Newt Gingrich spoke to Fox & Friends today about Jeff Flake, and surprise, surprise, he’s not impressed in the slightest with the senator’s latest speech.

During Flake’s address on the Senate floor yesterday, he slammed President Trump for his dishonesty and for his frequent attacks against the political press. Flake noted that calling the media “the enemy of the people” is something out of Joseph Stalin‘s playbook, and the former House speaker took that as a full blown comparison between Trump and the Soviet dictator.

To compare [Stalin] to an American president is such an absurdity that Senator Flake could probably get a job at CNN or anywhere else as a reporter. This whole Trump Derangement Syndrome, which we saw the other day with questions of the physician…were literally crazy. That also affects senators, it affects a lot of academics, and Trump just seems to have this affect on people.

By the way, minor note here, Gingrich used to work for CNN when he served as one of the conservative pundits on Crossfire.

Flake’s speech has been getting a frosty reception from quite a few political corners yesterday. Trump critics weren’t impressed because Flake’s voting record synchronizes with Trump’s agenda, and the president’s defenders hated the speech and accused Flake of being an attention-seeker.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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