Gingrich: Unlikely Ron Paul Will ‘Embarrass’ His Son By Causing Problems Over His Delegates

Former GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich stopped by Starting Point Monday, where he spoke about his “Newt University” – the title given to a seminar he’s giving at the RNC, and also online, for two hours a day this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

“Professor Newt” told host Soledad O’Brien that the seminar will focus on such issues as the “facts behind” political ads.

Talk then turned to weather, with the former House Speaker asking others to take care not to say “at least it didn’t hit Tampa” as Hurricane Isaac veers toward New Orleans near the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. “Maybe,” he added, “one of the lessons ought to be you ought to have conventions a few weeks earlier.”

Later, O’Brien asked Gingrich whether Ron Paul not having released his delegates to Romney, as Gingrich had, will prove to be a problem.

“I think that the Ron Paul people have said openly they are going to be very supportive on the floor; they do not expect any big problems,” said Gingrich. “I think they worked out some things in platform on auditing the federal reserve and other issues important to Ron Paul. Of course, Rand Paul has played a role, does get a speech. And I think it’s a little bit unlikely that Ron Paul will want to embarrass his son in that kind of a setting.”

Check out what lessons “Professor Newt” imparted, via CNN:

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