Giuliani Blasts Bill Kristol for Ignoring His Cancer: If He ‘Doesn’t Apologize, There’s Nothing Left of Decency’


President Donald Trump‘s attorney Rudy Giuliani ripped neocon pundit Bill Kristol for joking about his dropping out of the 2000 New York Senate race against Hillary Clinton, as the former New York mayor said he cut his campaign short due to cancer treatment.

“Rudy plays a tough guy now, on Twitter. But he didn’t have the guts to take on Hillary in 2000 for the New York Senate seat,” Kristol tweeted on Monday. “When that race got tough, @RudyGiuliani got going. As bullies do when confronted by a stronger person.”

During an appearance on conservative TV host Eric Bolling‘s Sinclair show, Giuliani said Kristol “left out a fact, I call it deception — lying.”

“I was being treated for prostate cancer from April until December of 2000, my father died of prostate cancer,” he said. “I had to go through six weeks of external radiation, I had to every day take a nap for two hours, I would get sick to my stomach at the most inappropriate times.”

“I was able to function as mayor because I had a great staff, I couldn’t possibly have run or I would’ve left the party down, I was very disappointed by that,” he added, before saying of Kristol, “If that man doesn’t apologize, there’s nothing left of decency with him.”

“So when you go through cancer, Bill, you start casting stones at people, but until then, have a little decency,” Giuliani concluded.

While on America This Week, Giuliani also blasted Hillary Clinton for suggesting Trump was guilty of obstructing justice as outlined in the Mueller report.

“For you to talk about obstruction of justice is the height of hypocrisy and one of the reasons you’re not the president of the United States,”  Giuliani said, referencing Clinton’s email server scandal. “It’s why one wants to hear from you anymore, you were so guilty of obstruction of justice, it’s a disgrace and a scandal.”

“What a phony, no wonder she lost,” he added, before bringing up Bill Clinton‘s history of sexual misconduct allegations and saying he has “met” some of the accusers who “say [Hillary] did as much damage to them as [Bill] did.”

Watch both the clips above, via Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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