Giuliani Claims WH Counsel’s Cooperation in Mueller Probe Was Helpful: ‘He Was a Strong Witness for the President’

Amid a firestorm of media attention to a New York Times report that White House Counsel Don McGahn spoke extensively with the Mueller investigation, Rudy Giuliani attempted to tamp down suspicions it meant much for his client, President Donald Trump.

In a Meet the Press interview Sunday, Giuliani told NBC’s Chuck Todd that like past instances of cooperation, it was good news for the commander in chief.

“It puts us in a strong position to say they don’t need to question him,” he said, referring to previous witness testimonies and a slew of documents turned over for the special counsel’s probe. “They have all the information.”

However, Giuliani said there was no need for him to speak with Mueller. “First of all, we have a good sense, obviously, of what Mr. McGahn testified to,” he said, clarifying that Trump’s former attorney, John Dowd, has a good sense of it” and “talked to them at the time.”

The president’s lawyer then further defended him, reiterating Trump’s claim that he was free of wrongdoing and arguing he did not collude with Russia nor did he obstruct of justice.

“The only reason they could possibly want the president of the United States is because they are desperate for some kind of charge they can hang their hat on,” Giuliani concluded.

Watch the clip above via NBC News.

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