Giuliani On Romney’s Birth Certificate Joke: ‘Not The Most Tasteful Joke’

During an appearance on CNN tonight, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani reacted to a joke Mitt Romney made during a campaign stop today about the legitimacy of his birth certificate. Piers Morgan asked Giuliani if he thought the joke was “below the belt,” and Giuliani acknowledged that while it was not “a big deal,” it was “not the most tasteful joke” Romney could have made.

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Giuliani pointed out that in the past, President Obama has poked fun at the birth certificate controversy, but admitted that it’s a different story when Republicans try to joke about it.

However, he did criticize the media coverage of a number of political gaffes over the past few weeks instead of keeping the focus on the economy. Giuliani said that the two presidential candidates need to have a serious debate on the economy, and the media should care more about that than a gaffe made by Romney or Joe Biden or Todd Akin, whom Giuliani described as having “the most idiotic comment of all.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of CNN:

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