Giuliani Reportedly Backtracks on Claim That Trump Considered Pardon for Paul Manafort

On Thursday, the Washington Post reported that Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani admitted that President Donald Trump sought out his counsel on pardoning Paul Manafort weeks ago.

Yet a few hours later, Giuliani backpedaled when speaking to Fox News.

According to Guiliani’s account and published by WaPo, Trump asked his lawyers “several weeks ago” about the possibility of pardoning his former campaign chair, who at that point in time was facing 18 counts of charges including tax and bank fraud.

Trump’s lawyers, though, advised him not to pardon anyone connected with the Russian probe until at least Robert Mueller had finished his probe.

Guiliani further claimed that Trump was amenable to waiting.

“He said yes,” Giuliani recalled about the conversation with Trump. “He agreed with us.”

Yet speaking to Fox News’ John Roberts, Giuliani seemed to imply that a direct conversation about pardoning Manafort never happened, although Trump may have mentioned something about Michael Flynn.

Giuliani’s conversation was also reported by Fox News Neil Cavuto, who recounted that Trump’s lawyer told Roberts, “It wasn’t so. The president was never considering this.”

No explanation for the differing accounts was given.

Watch above, via Fox News

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