Giuliani Calls John Bolton a ‘Sick’ Warmonger — Fox Anchor Points Out Trump Hired Him


President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani tore into John Bolton over his upcoming book about his time in the Trump administration in an appearance on Fox News Wednesday.

The upcoming memoir from the former White House national security adviser has been a source of controversy as the Trump administration wages a legal war to stop its publication.

According to early looks at the book, it will contain examples of impeachable conduct from Trump on foreign policy. The Justice Department claims the book is in violation of their prepublication review on classified information.

Bolton’s book is expected to raise fresh questions about Trump and Giuliani’s conduct in connection with the Ukraine scandal. Fox News host Ed Henry asked the former New York City mayor if he and the president were “worried” about what the book might say about them. Henry noted that Bolton reportedly once called Giuliani a “hand grenade,” which Giuliani laughed off saying “If he said I was a hand grenade, the guy was an atomic bomb.”

“The ridiculous statements that he sometimes made that we all kept our mouths shut about, and his desire for war, which is kind of sick. He’s calling me a hand grenade?” Giuliani said.

“But he was the president’s national security adviser!” Henry pushed back. “You’re calling him sick. The president picked him to be in this powerful position. And he’s now coming out and wants to speak. Why can’t he say what he saw?”

Giuliani’s response:

I don’t care if he says what he saw or he doesn’t. If they want to publish what he says about me, I’m sure that’s not classified. I’m happy to have him do it and I’m happy to respond to it because he’s a backstabber. He never came to me and gave me those concerns. If he was concerned about that, if the man were a man rather than a backstabber, he would’ve talked to me…He’s selling out to sell a book. I don’t know what happened to him.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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