Giuliani Slams Obama On Cancer Ad, Changes To Welfare Reform

Former New York City Mayor and Mitt Romney supporter, Rudy Giuliani, appeared on Fox & Friends on Thursday morning where he slammed President Barack Obama‘s administration’s proposed changes to welfare reform. Giuliani also took on a pro-Obama PAC ad’s attacks on Romney as being complicit in the cancer-related death of a former steelworker’s wife, saying that despite the seeming damage that it does to Obama’s reelection effort, it keeps the focus off the economy.

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“This is all because they want us to be discussing this morning this ad,” said Giuliani. “Even though it’s very damaging that it’s so false…”

“Damaging to Obama,” interjected Steve Doocy.

“But it’s a lot less damaging than talking about the wretched state of our economy — the horrible record he has as President,” Giuliani replied.

“This is an extraordinary reelection campaign; I’ve never seen a person run for reelection and never talk about their record,” said Giuliani. “[Bill] Clinton ran on welfare reform, putting 100,000 cops on the street. Reagan ran on morning in America. He’s running on, ‘gee, I haven’t been president for the last four years, and Romney’s a bum.”

Doocy asked Giuliani about some of the Obama administration’s proposed changes to welfare reform that allows states the flexibility to redefine the work requirement.

“There’s no question that President Obama wants to move us to be much more of a dependency society,” said Giuliani. “Extending unemployment is a great example of that. You can have either view of extending unemployment, but it extends dependency.”

“I am really angry about this – I started welfare reform before Clinton and Newt Gingrich did the—I started in 1994, I started with workfare,” said Giuliani. “I forced people on welfare to go to work. New York Times went crazy. They went crazy. I said if you want welfare, you’ve got to go to work for me for New York City. I put 36,000 people to work – ultimately, I moved 500,000 people off the welfare rolls, mostly with jobs.”

Giuliani said that Clinton needs some credit for implementing that system on a national level, but he reminded the Fox & Friends hosts that he vetoed the measure twice before finally signing it. “Newt Gingrich created welfare reform,” said Giuliani.

“Here is what work is, it’s getting up in the morning and going to work,” Giuliani concluded. “The fact is that this President is moving us – Obamacare – this President is moving us inexorably to a society of a lot more dependent people. And that would be a disaster for us.”

Watch the segment below via Fox News Channel:

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