Giuliani: Trump is Ready to ‘Fight’ Democrats ‘In Court’ Over Release of His Tax Returns


In a statement to CNN’s Dana BashDonald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani announced the president is ready to go to court and fight back against any Democratic efforts to obtain his tax returns.

CNN host John Berman, who dubbed Giuliani “the president’s TV lawyer,” read the following comments on-air tonight from the attorney:

“They have to have a reason for wanting them, and I fail to see a reason. They can’t just look at them. It has to be linked to some wrongdoing. We will fight it in court and I think we would win unless they had some specific allegation.”

Berman then introduced Senator Angus King (D-ME) to comment on the matter, who immediately complimented the host’s dig at Giuliani.

“The first thing to say is I hope you never refer to me as a TV lawyer. I like that,” he said. “That was a nice note there.”

“I don’t think anybody’s talking about going after the president’s tax returns just as a fishing expedition,” the lawmaker added. “It is curious that this president is the only even candidate for president in the last 40 years not to voluntarily release their tax returns. It does raise a question of what’s in them.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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