Giuliani’s Ex-Press Secretary’s Scathing Op-Ed on Trump ‘Henchman’: ‘Those Closest to Him Beg Him to Stop Talking’


A former top staffer of Rudy Giuliani is trashing his ex-boss in a big way.

In a scathing New York Times op-edKen Frydman — the former press secretary to Giuliani during his campaign for mayor in 1993 — absolutely destroyed President Donald Trump’s “henchman” for doing Trump’s dirty work.

“’America’s Mayor,’ as Rudy was called after Sept. 11, is today President Trump’s bumbling personal lawyer and henchman, his apologist and defender of the indefensible,” Frydman wrote.

In stunning fashion, Frydman called out Giuliani’s 9/11 “profiteering,” and subsequent shilling for Trump.

“After his mayoralty ended in 2002, Rudy went to work for what seemed like every rich bad guy and tinpot dictator who called. (So going to work for Mr. Trump made sense.) He charged $100,000 for self-aggrandizing speeches about his heroic leadership after Sept. 11. He became a multimillionaire.

In perfect political symmetry, Rudy Giuliani now does Donald Trump’s dirty work: Vainly trying to cover up the Ukrainian cover-up and attacking a Democratic presidential front-runner, Joe Biden, and his son, Hunter

Frydman later appeared on CNN’s New Day, and spoke about when he began to change his mind about Giuliani.

“The turning point that I couldn’t ignore was the same for many people,” Frydman said. “That is the Access Hollywood tape, and his ferocious defense of the indefensible. And he was the only one who would go on Sunday morning political talk shows to defend that. If you recall, even Chris Christie wouldn’t do it.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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