Glenn Beck Asks Why America Will Focus On Mel Gibson’s Racism But Not The DOJ’s

So America, who’s your favorite racist? Today, Glenn Beck focused a long segment on comparing the media’s wall to wall coverage of Mel Gibson’s racist tirade to the comparative silence on the Black Panther voter intimidation story. Showing similar (and similarly hate-filled) videos from Gibson and Black Panther King Samir Shabazz, Beck wondered aloud what possible motivations could be behind the news media favoring one over the other.

“Why is the Mel Gibson story, that doesn’t affect anything except your movie going experience, why is that news? And yet the Panthers, which involves our republic and the upcoming votes, why does that matter?”

Beck implied a number of sinister reasons (the Mainstream Media covering up for Obama, the belief that whites can be racists but blacks can’t) but he missed out on the most obvious one, an explanation that’s less evil and more cynical. In a world where ridiculous tabloid magazines sell by the truckloads, you’re going to have to have a much bigger story than voter intimidation to pique audience’s attentions more than a movie star acting like a crazy person.

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