Glenn Beck Bashes ‘Progressive Republicans,’ Laments the End of America on Hannity

After making an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor last week, Glenn Beck returned to Fox News again Monday night to chat with former colleague Sean Hannity about the tea party, the Republican establishment, and the trajectory of the United States. Beck expressed his concern that “we’re doomed” if the country doesn’t take action soon against the corrupt two-party system trying to control everyone’s lives.

Beck brought up his 2010 CPAC keynote speech, in which he decried the rise of progressivism not just in the Democratic party but among Republicans as well. He argued that “progressive Republicans” are a cancer “more interested in keeping their cushy jobs” than standing on conservative principles. He and Hannity agreed people exaggerate how Ronald Reagan wouldn’t fit in the modern Republican party.

Beck cited a recent poll showing Americans just don’t trust each other anymore, expressing concern that “we become Europe” and “we’re doomed” if people just stop trusting each other. He said, “We can either tear each other apart or we can see that world that Amazon was talking about.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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