Glenn Beck Calls Tech Crackdowns ‘The Digital Ghetto’: ‘This Is Like the Germans With the Jews Behind the Wall’


Glenn Beck railed against tech company crackdowns on social media platforms on Tucker Carlson’s show Tuesday night.

He invoked Japanese internment during World War II to say, “We made one of the biggest mistakes of the 20th century by taking our own citizens and listen to this, confiscating their wealth, making sure they couldn’t work, shutting them down, and then putting them in camps. Tucker, this is the road we are on again.”

He went on to actually make this historical analogy:

“This is like the Germans with the Jews behind the wall. They would put them in the ghetto. This is the digital ghetto. ‘You can talk all you want, Jews, do whatever you want behind the wall.’ That’s not meaningful. And that’s where we are. That’s where millions of Americans will be.”

“It’s not to compare it to the Germans,’ Beck added. “It’s not to do anything but warn: if you don’t stand up for free speech, you will be the one that loses it as well.”

After the comment got some attention on Twitter, CNN’s Jake Tapper hit back, “This is nothing like what the Nazis did to the Jews and if you think that you’re an absolute moron.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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